I ported my Gameboy Color emulator to WebAssembly

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Around five years ago I wrote a Gameboy Color emulator in Go. It was a very frustrating, but rewarding experience that I’ve been dining out on in job interviews ever since.

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That 5 year gap

However, as the passage of time progressed, it landed on the pile of mostly-done-but-not-finished projects and left largely abandoned. One might generously say, on hiatus. Well, until very recently that is.

You see, a few weeks ago Go 1.11 came out, and with it came the promise of experimental support for compiling Go code to WebAssembly. There’s nothing one likes more than experimental APIs so this got me thinking, what could I do to test out this new WASM target?

If only I had a decently sized project written in Go that wasn’t some trivial TODO list manager 🤔

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video game fan. software engineer @ Cloudflare (opinions own)

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